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Customer Data Platform

A broader view brings you optimal leads

Often you don’t even realize your focus is quite limited. That doesn’t lead to the most effective sales activities. With a Customer Data Platform you can benefit from all available data sources within your organization. It gives you an overall view, including new perspectives, via your own online dashboard.

statistische data

Bring it all together

“Try kneading loose sand with both hands”. It’s similar to effectively combining all the data you have at your disposal in a modern organization. Site visits, order history, social media use, renditions…, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps you with overview and insight.

What can a CDP do for you?

Our CDP specialists are happy to tell you about how a Customer Data Platform can help your organization.

Your dashboard with complete overview

Your own CDP gives you a complete view by linking all your incoming and outgoing data. A comprehensive overview of customer journeys, including the decisive moments and new opportunities. The RTL-Group will guide you through the technical and marketing implementation of your Customer Data Platform.

Lead Optimizer

Insight leads to opportunities

With a CDP you get more out of your business. Insight helps you make your marketing more effective and pinpoint your opportunities. It will make you customer-friendly and customer-oriented. RTL-Group is your trusted wingman in the implementation process. Feel free to contact us.

What should you take into account?

What are the benefits of CDP software for you? What should you keep in mind when you implement it? Our specialists are happy to answer your questions.

The added value of CDP software

  • 360-degree customer profile
  • Increase of your marketing opportunities
  • GDPR compliant
  • Can be used company-wide with different systems
  • Always reliable data
  • Increase of your customer-lifetime value
  • Strong reinforcement of your own data structures