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Lead Optimizer

Using data intelligently

If you choose Lead Optimizer, you opt for a lasting collaboration. You will be using data the smart way, increasing your sales qualified leads (SQL) by 60 – 80%. In short: you’ll have better results at lower costs (CPL).

Just plan a meeting online with one of our lead-generation specialists, whenever it suits you best.

Looking for leads

You’re looking for new business. Maybe your market is erratic, unknown territory, or a rare niche. How can you deploy your sales team efficiently? And is that monthly online campaign paying off? So many choices to make, often based on a gut feeling or ‘some data’. Lead Optimizer, however, offers you a thorough approach and results.

Fact-based, data-driven. No hunches, just intelligent data use.

statistische data

Here’s how Lead Optimizer works

Lead Optimizer: the name is a promise. You optimize your leads, generating a substantial increase in conversion and a reduction in costs. Together with us, you start a customization trajectory. These 5 steps show you how it works:

1. Our data experts analyse your customer database, which we will then enrich with our own data. In concrete terms, this means it will be linked with other relevant databases.

2. We get together with the sales team to figure out the working method and determine which variables are important (such as sources or market movements).

3. We link 10 to 15 other sources to the existing customer database. This creates a profile, in which we choose a specific focus, for instance geographical.

4. The quiet strength of Lead Optimizer is its self-learning algorithm. This filters the available data on relevance, using more than 300 data points.

5. Now you have a promising data set for your leads. We can now monitor the conversion in iterations and adjust the algorithm each time, until the results are optimal.

Optimization of the process

We will meet monthly to further improve the process, just to get the best out of the data. Your sales matter to us, because we’re in it together. Does this sound appealing? Just contact us and we will tell you about what we can do to boost your results.

Contact us or plan a meeting

Make the first move and contact us, or plan a meeting with one of our specialists.

The benefits

  • Your sales team gets the best tools to boost results.
  • Guaranteed higher conversion from cold to qualified leads (SQL).
  • Strong percentage increase of relevant leads.
  • Lower cost per lead, thanks to targeted marketing.
  • Long-term collaboration.
  • The option of targeted account-based marketing campaigns.
  • Monthly optimization of the algorithm.
  • More guidance for the sales team.
  • Samen ‘de stip’ aan de horizon bepalen en daarnaar koersen.
Lead Optimizer


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