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Worldwide data

All continents, 200 countries, 250 million companies

Easily find your international target group

You do research, and think and work worldwide. RTL-Group helps you find companies in the desired target group for your marketing campaigns, or you can quickly find out how large the international market is for your sales. Our data specialists and analysts help you to set up a global database.

Company databases in various countries and continents

Overview per continent and per country

Gebruiksvriendelijk en overzichtelijk: je ziet de aantallen bedrijven per continent, per land in een spreadsheet.

  • All continents
  • 200 countries
  • 250.000.000 economic active companies

The specifications of the database

RTL-Group’s international database contains many more data points. You can take advantage of that. Download all available data elements in one clear spreadsheet. Think of:

  • General data, such as company name, address details, zip code and country.
  • Communication info: telephone, fax, e-mail, website and social media.
  • Financial and size, such as turnover and employee class.
  • Classification codes: SIC, NACE, RTL-Group standard and national standards.
  • Structure data on parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates within the corporate structure.
  • Trade, founding year, import and export indicators.
  • Establishment dates: is it a head office, branch or independent branch.

Know the international business structure

You doubt. Who do you need at that corporate where you want to offer your services? Is that a local sales office in The Hague? Or the Purchasing Director at the HQ in Zurich? With the data from RTL-Group you have insight into the company structure. So with insight; you call Zurich directly.

We provide insight into the entire company structure. From all companies worldwide. Need contact details? We also have for you.

The top 10 complex business structures

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Nr. 3

Nr. 4

Nr 5

Nr. 6

Nr. 7

Nr. 8

Nr. 9

Nr. 10


The international company database is structured uniformly. Uniformity is the key to making a selection quickly and easily. From companies in different target groups, from different countries and continents.


Our database specialists make more than 500,000 updates every month. RTL-Group invests a lot of time and energy to keep the data up-to-date. Because maintaining company data is vital for qualitative campaigns and realistic market research.

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International data samples

France company database

Data from all companies in France. From the financial sector to (of course) wine products. More than 11 million companies spread over 22 provinces.

Scandinavian company database

Data from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Absolute frontrunners in the field of energy and sustainability. You can find it in the company data.

USA company database

Widely represented: from IT, a lot of tech and automotive to several heavy industries. Example: South Atlantic is top with 5 million companies. Virgin Islands closing with 2K.

China Company Database

The available data reflects the enormous diversity of business China. From the raw steel industry to fine electronics. And of course a lot of export.

Germany company database

Our eastern neighbors have a working population of more than 45 million people. And still a strong economy. In beer, the manufacturing industry and certainly in the chemical industry.

India Company Database

Land of big numbers. Take a GDP of 2.6 trillion in 2020. Much of the available data from this BRIC country focuses on textiles, IT and energy.

Brazil company database

The largest economy in Latin America. In inhabitants (more than 200 million) and GDP (1.4 trillion) 3rd of the BRIC group. Strong in raw materials, energy, sugar and coffee.

South Africa company database

As you would expect from a country with mineral resources, much of the available data focuses on raw materials. But also in the financial market and the transport & logistics sector.

Poland company database

More than 300K companies are active in agriculture. Other highly developed economic sectors are logistics and the tourism industry.

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International data sample

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