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About us

Data-driven characters

You are looking for better leads, not a tedious story about our vision. But if you insist, we can tell you all about it and more, over a cup of coffee. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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This is RTL-Group

We have been working with B2B data for about 25 years. Digging it up, applying it, measuring it, optimizing it, and linking it. Our network has grown a lot over time and turned global, extensive and reliable.

Sustainable collaboration

We prefer to maintain real contact with our partners (such as resellers and data suppliers), not superficial or transient. This translates into quality and speed. If you’re a customer, you decide what suits you best: an intensive trajectory or managing the online tool yourself. Or something in between: customization.

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Our people

Analysts, business developers, data scientists, marketing strategists, you name it. Our specialists have one thing in common: they are all data-driven, persistent analysts, creative in linking and deploying it, always looking ahead when it comes to strategy.

Want to know what we can offer you and your company? Just contact us.

Contact us or plan a meeting!

Any questions? You can contact us or plan a meeting with one of our lead specialists right way.