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Online Database

The company database for your leads

What if you’re looking for all transport companies that specialize in bulk transport, with more than 150 employees in Germany, Italy and Spain? How do you get that data? The Online Database of RTL-Group will help you: a user-friendly tool that lets you make your own selections in a flash. Worldwide, broad spectrum, up-to-date. Let’s go find the leads you’re looking for!

Aiming for the bull’s eye

You know who you want to target, but how do you find that target group? There are so many company databases and online databases. Some are packed with fragmented, outdated and irrelevant data. Of course you can deploy your marketing as if you’re spraying buckshot into the blue sky, but you could also really lock on target. And that’s where the RTL-Group Online Database comes in.

online database

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What the database can do for you

What does the online database offer you specifically? First of all, it’s an easy to use online database for companies, offering you about 65 search criteria. The moment you enter your selection, it draws on data from 180 countries, from over 150 million different companies.

The RTL-Group database offers you a wide variety of data, both nationally and internationally. The tool is user-friendly enough to manage it yourself. You just make your own selection and export your data. Should you encounter any problems, we are always here for you with technical support.

Access to our online B2B database?

“A few selection examples that are performed daily on the online database by RTL-Group clients”

Managing Director Rutger Vinke

Hand tools

Relatie: Inkooporganisatie Duitsland

Target group: Wholesaler of hand tools
Region: North and Central America
Employees: >150 FTE
Turnover in Dollars: >5 million
Export: Worldwide
Data fields: Basic + contact person, website, phone number

Number of companies at the selection: 4,354
Delivery: Excel/CSV


Relatie: Brandstofleverancier U.K.

Target group: Services
Exclusion: (semi) government
Region: Benelux
Employees: >50 FTE
Turnover in Euros: >2 million
Data fields: Base + contact person, phone number, email (general), national ID

Number of companies at the selection: 14,871
Delivery: Excel/CSV


Relatie: Online marketingbureau Nordics

Target group: Food production + processing
Region: Western Europe
Employees: All
Turnover in Euro: All
Import/Export: Yes
Data fields: Base, employees, revenue, location, website, National ID, NACE/SIC code

Number of companies at the selection: 46,829
Delivery: Excel/CSV

The benefits

  • All data is immediately available and is sent to your email.
  • Easy to download CSV or Excel file.
  • Subscriptions tailored to your wishes: on/off, per month or year.
  • To use when and how you want: easy to adapt to your preferences.
  • Affordable online solution with attractive volume discounts.
  • Your own online tool environment, where you can save all searches.
  • Available 24/7 for downloads of the latest data.
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In our price list you get a clear overview of the costs per customer and per company.