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Privacy statement

The RealTime Lead Group Privacy Notice February 2018

Taking your personal information seriously

RTL-Group and are brand names of RealTime Lead Group B.V. which is a company registered at Amsterdam, The Netherlands, company number: 61886807 whose registered office and principal place of business is Amsterdam, Hogehilweg 24, 1101 CD Amsterdam. If you are a visitor to these websites or a RealTime Lead Group user, or if you represent an organisation that uses one of the RealTime Lead Group portals, we want to explain how we respect your privacy. If you have any questions about this privacy notice or about your personal information, then please call +31-20-2298140 or email

Our overall policy is to collect the minimum personal data that we need to provide you with the RealTime Lead Group service and to keep you updated about it. We keep personal data for as short a period as possible and take good measures to protect it. We’re always happy for you to check the data we have about you and we’ll delete it if you want us to – unless this would mean we wouldn’t be able to provide your organisation with the RealTime Lead Group service.

How have we got your information

You may have given us your personal data yourself. For example, you may have given us your business card at an event, emailed us requesting information, or filled in an online form so that you could download a report, document or some other information. We may have found your contact details at some publicly available source but in this case we wouldn’t use them without your consent. The organisation you work for may have given us your personal data or asked you to give it to us because your role is key to the RealTime Lead Group service or because you need to be an RealTime Lead Group user. If you visit our websites (,,, or, we might use cookies and analytical tools to collect anonymous information about your visit. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log and visitor behaviour information. Tracking and analysing visitor activity enables us to improve the website. For further information visit or You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the above-mentioned websites tell you how to remove cookies from your browser. However this might disable some of the key website features.

What information do we collect

If you are an RealTime Lead Group user your organisation may have asked us to create an account for you. To do this we only need your name and email address. If your organisation creates your account they will choose what information to collect and what information to disclose to publishers. This RealTime Lead Group Privacy Notice can’t address that situation, you need to contact your organisation’s RealTime Lead Group administrator if you have any questions. If you are the RealTime Lead Group contact for your organisation or someone who has expressed an interest in RealTime Lead Group, we only require your name, your role or job title, your department, the name of your organisation and your business contact details (phone numbers and email address). Occasionally we might ask you for other personal information when we run an event or an online survey. We’ll always make it clear why we’re collecting that information and how long we’ll keep it and of course it will be up to you whether you want to participate in the event or survey.

What we do with your information

We only use your information in connection with the RealTime Lead Group service.

We may contact you with news about RealTime Lead Group including changes and improvements to service and to tell you about any events or surveys that we’ll be running.  If you’re the nominated contact for your organisation, we may also need to use your personal data to process your purchase orders, invoices and payments and to contact you about the service. This means we might need to share your personal data with some of our suppliers/service providers. We’ll never sell your data. We might need to share it with third parties but only in connection with the RealTime Lead Group service – for example, if you are located outside The Netherlands then one of our local partners may need to use your personal data so as to deliver some aspects of the RealTime Lead Group service for us. Sometimes we’ll run communication campaigns using carefully selected marketing agencies to contact you on our behalf and so we’d have to give them your contact details. All third parties must to give us contractual commitments to only use your information in connection with RealTime Lead Group. If any of them want to put you on their own mailing lists, they need your specific agreement and they should let you review their own privacy policy. If you’re an RealTime Lead Group user and we were responsible for creating your account, we anonymise your personal data when we deliver the RealTime Lead Group service to you and we do not sell or share your personal data with any third party. Contact us for if you’d like details about any specific third party that we’re using.

How we protect your information

We adopt best industry practice to protect your information by aligning with the international standards for information security. We keep your personal information behind firewalls to prevent unauthorised access and it’s encrypted in transit. RealTime Lead Group uses the Google Cloud Platform. Google adopts leading security measures and is certified to all the standards we’ve listed above. You can read more about their security measures here: If you’re the nominated contact for your organisation your information may also be kept in public or private clouds used by the service providers we’ve selected for our finance systems. We only use service providers where we are happy with the security measures they implement to protect the data we entrust them with. All other third parties, wherever they are located, who have to use your information in connection with the RealTime Lead Group service must give us contractual commitments to adopt practices consistent with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

How long do we keep your information

We’ll keep your personal information until you tell us not to. All our communications will ask you if you want to continue receiving RealTime Lead Group news. Every couple of years we’ll also contact you to check that you’re still happy to hear from us. However, by law we must keep financial records such as purchase orders and invoices for eight years. If you’re the nominated contact for your organisation, your details might appear on these records. But apart from this, we keep your information until your organisation tell us not to – for example when you stop working for them or because your job role has changed. In any case, we contact your organisation every two years to check that your details are still valid. One year after your organisation’s RealTime Lead Group contract ends, we’ll contact you to see if you want us to delete your contact details or whether you’d like us to continue to send you RealTime Lead Group news.

How you can check your information

We’re happy for you to check the information we have about you at any time. You can ask us to tell you what information we have, why we have it, how we protect it etc. You can also check that your information’s accurate and we’ll make any corrections promptly. Similarly we’ll delete your information if you ask us to. Please note that if you’re a RealTime Lead Group user or the nominated contact for your organisation, we’re obliged to check with them before we delete your information. This is because they are the data controller for your information and, for example, your organisation might need us to substitute someone else’s contact details before we delete yours. If you want to know about your information please use the contact details shown at the top of this notice.

Other websites

This RealTime Lead Group website and also the portals of RealTime Lead Group ( contains links to other websites. Your visit to those other websites will be governed by their own published privacy policies.

Changes to our information security practices

We review our information security practices frequently, so this privacy notice will be updated periodically, therefore we suggest you check it from time to time. The version that appears here was published in February 2018.