Big Data finds markets that you missed

At RealTime Lead Group, we have twenty-five years of experience with company data and finding the right leads. We also know how to do so more effectively with the help of Big Data and machine learning. For years now, we have been using our knowledge and these tools to find new markets for B2B businesses and help them take their sales to the next level and lower their costs. We have now combined our wealth of experience into an e-book.

For example, we learned that one of the most important things is to make sure that data are collected in a structured and centralised manner and that data from different sources are combined. The process itself is important, too. After all, using data leads to both technical and organisational changes.

We used the lessons we learned to develop the B2B Lead Optimizer; a tool that helps businesses – even those without sufficient data expertise of their own – find better leads and achieve higher returns.

In our e-book You are missing markets. What we learned from three years of B2B lead optimisation, we share our ten most important eye-openers. Download the e-book and read:

  • Why sales based on experience and “gut feeling” are always less effective
  • How combining data sources leads to better leads
  • How you can lower your sales costs by only pursuing the best leads
  • How you can use AI to make your content marketing and marketing automation more effective
  • Why Big Data is no longer only used by big businesses

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